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Today, building on the competitive advantage of a skilled workforce and lower cost of labour, Indian Manufacturing Sector is witnessing an increased inflow of capex and heightened M&A activity. This leading to a surge in manufacturing output and resultant increased contribution to exports.

LTL Shipments: Need of the hour in a VUCA & BANI World

As more and more businesses strive to address the emerging market needs with agility, innovation and smart solutions, they need critical logistical support for being able to meet their business commitments for deliveries. While large corporates & Enterprises have a dedicated supply chain function within the organization, the emerging MSMEs and Small Industries are growing faster than their organization structures can evolve. Thus their logistics requirements often create more complexities than solutions.

Most businesses today acquire their raw materials from several groups of vendors sometimes even through unorganized partners and deliver their finished goods through a similarly fragmented value chain. As volumes along supply chains grow, operational handling becomes more complex, making the right decisions becomes challenging and expanding supply chains become highly unreliable and uncertain. Therefore most businesses are now going for a mix of Just-In-Case (JIC) and Just In Time (JIT) models of inventory management – both, on the supply side as well as on delivery side. Consequently, not just small businesses but even Large Enterprises need adhoc shipment services – especially in case of emergencies Repair and Maintenance, Spare Part Logistics deliveries and Reverse Logistics scenarios.

One of the key challenges of order fulfilment under JIT model is that often the shipment size is small & varies from one shipment to another. Due to delivery timelines, businesses often are unable to consolidate multiple shipments to fill a full truck. This necessitates Part Truck Load (PTL) or Less Than Truck Load (LTL) freight services.

LTL services offer the following key benefits:

Cost Effective – Businesses can tap into the cost savings associated with sharing truck space and resources with other shippers. This is especially advantageous for shipping smaller quantities of goods, as it helps businesses avoid the cost of reserving an entire truck for partial loads.

Flexibility – It accommodates varying shipment sizes allowing businesses to adapt to changing demands without being tied to fixed capacities like in full truckload (FTL) services. This flexibility aligns well with the often-fluctuating delivery needs, enabling efficient inventory management for responding swiftly to market demands.

Faster Turn-around & Lower Storage costs – Many businesses deal with multiple small delivery locations of their customers. For them, waiting to consolidate sufficient stock for a full truck load often means longer delivery lead-times as well as higher finished goods storage costs. LTL services offer faster delivery cycles despite smaller loads, lower storage costs, lower risk to finished goods and thus ability to offer lower Minimum Order Quantities (MoQ) related business terms to their clients.


Points to consider when selecting a reliable LTL services provider:


Large Distribution Network & Footprint – Businesses should ensure that the distribution reach or the footprint of their LTL services provider is wide enough to cover deliveries to all their current and prospective customers’ locations.

Optimized Routes & Service Assets – The service provider should engage an extensive asset base for providing high frequency deliveries through optimized routes, various shipment consolidation hubs, adequate material handling equipment and trucks engaged, to ensure lowest transit timelines for shipments.

Guaranteed Safe & Timely Delivery Record – To prevent and minimize damages, service provider should adhere to strict guidelines for packaging and handling of goods. If damages do occur despite precautions, then a structured claims process should be in place to swiftly address and resolve any issues, thereby minimizing the impact on your business.

Real-time Shipment Tracking Mechanism – Advanced tracking system ensures real-time visibility, allowing businesses to track & track their shipments throughout the journey. A user-friendly digital platform simplifies the booking process, making it convenient for businesses to manage their shipments efficiently.

Reliable Customer Support – prompt assistance and issue resolution is a critical ask for all business, especially for time-sensitive LTL shipments. Service providers should proactively identify issues and take corrective actions to minimize disruptions. In case of unavoidable delays, the customer support teams should communicate transparently with customers, providing timely updates and alternative solutions to minimize inconveniences.


TCI Freight’s LTL Services: Peace of Mind – Delivered!



At TCI, we implement a strategic approach to ensure the efficient consolidation and handling of multiple Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments, ultimately optimizing cost savings for our valued customers. Our advanced logistics technology enables us to intelligently group shipments based on factors such as destination proximity, size and weight. This meticulous consolidation minimizes empty space in our trucks, maximizing load capacity and reducing transportation costs.

Moreover, TCI’s extensive network leverages economies of scale by combining multiple shipments destined for similar routes using AI driven intelligent optimization. Our expert team of logistics professionals continuously monitors and adjusts consolidation strategies, ensuring the most cost-effective and timely delivery solutions.

TCI ensures that each LTL shipment is packaged properly, handled efficiently and grouped strategically, optimizing cost savings for our customers while maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability.

Our expertise in logistics and our commitment to service quality also translates to enhanced peace of mind for our customers. Promising reliable tracking, dedicated customer support and a reputation for safe handling of shipments, TCI’s LTL service assures a smooth shipping experience.

Not just business success, TCI LTL solutions also follow the UNDP guidelines for sustainable social & environmental business practices, helping you achieve your green goals.

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